About Us

We always believe that there is special connection between human and nature. Through generations of positive interaction with nature, it’s in our genes that we have positive affinity towards plants and nature. However along with industrialisation and urbanisation in the pass few decades many of us are disconnected from this human-nature relationship, we believe that it takes a toll on our physical and mental wellbeing. Especially during the lately covid-19 outbreak, it took a huge impact on our mental health. From last year we see that there is exponentially more people takes up gardening as their hobby. Which a lot of them report gardening greatly improves their mood and reduce their stress.

LS Group were founded on 2010 with the mission to promote gardening and aquascaping, especially among the younger generations. We provide a wide range of gardening and aquascape product. We take pride in growing most of our product in house, we produce our own soil, fertilizers, and seedling. Over the years we have collect and propagate over 300 species of plants in our farm. Big or Small, rare, or common, you can surely find the plant that perfect for you.