Acrylic Mini Pump Filter For Small Tank

Highly efficient mini sump filter for small to medium tank
high filter capacity which can fill in a large amount of filter media
Able to remove a higher amount of waste
Further reduce the effort of water change
Able to support more fishes in tank without affect water quality
Maintain water clarity
Easy to maintain
Can also add plant on the filter to absorb waste


Dimension: Length X Width X Height
2 compartment: 15cm X 7cm X 8cm
3 compartment: 21.5cm X 7cm X 8cm
4 compartment: 28.3cm X 7cm X 8cm


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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 26 × 15 × 18 cm

2 COMPRT With Pump, 2 COMPRT W/O Pump, 3 COMPRT With Pump, 3 COMPRT W/O Pump, 4 COMPRT With Pump, 4 COMPRT W/O Pump, 5 COMPRT With Pump, 5 COMPRT W/O Pump, Dry Compartment


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