Air Layering Plant Rooting Device 5pcs in 1 set Tut Pokok 植物包枝器 压条器


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Air Layering Plant Rooting Device 5pcs in 1 set Tut Pokok 植物包枝器 压条器

Air layering is a technique used to propagate plants, which involves creating a small root system on a branch or stem of a mature plant.


*Suitable for plant propagation.

*Easy to use. No need to prepare your own soil media, just use it when the produce arrived.

*High quality media soil has been inserted inside the air layering device to enhance the plant rooting process.

*Apply the rooting hormone to the expose cambium area to encourage the root growth.


1.      Choose a spot on the branch that is at least 6-8 inches from the tip. Make a 1-2inch incision in the bark and remove the bark to expose the cambium layer, which is the layer just under the bark. But be careful not to damage the cambium layer.
2.       Cut our air layering plant rooting device into half.
3.     Cover the exposed cambium layer with air layering device to encourage the root growth.
4.      Use the cable tie that we had prepared for you to secure the air layering device and keep it in place.

5.      After a few weeks, check for root growth by gently tugging on the moss. If there is resistance, the roots have formed.

6.      Once the roots are established, cut the branch just below the rooted area, and plant it in a pot or in the ground.


**Remember that air layer technique can takes several weeks or months to produce roots, depending on the plant species and growing conditions. Be patient and continue to provide proper care to the plant during this time.


~Term and Conditions~

1. Warranty all plants comes with life guarantee. Dead plants or badly damaged item are refundable. Please contact customer service with picture as proof WITHIN 24 hours upon receiving.

2. Shipping to East Malaysia is not covered under live warranty, seller will not refund if the plant died or damage during shipping process.

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