Cuban Oregano 碰碰香


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碰碰香,是一种会散发淡淡清香的盆栽植物。因触碰后可散发出令人舒适的香气而享有”碰碰香”的美称。闻之令人神清气爽,市场受宠。碰碰香植株低矮、叶片翠绿、造型小巧可爱,具有良好的观赏价值,适合摆放在窗台,案几、书桌等地方。香味浓甜,接近苹果味道,闻起来神清气爽,具有提神醒脑,驱避蚊虫的效果。叶片可以泡茶、泡酒,奇香诱人。亦可烹饪、煲汤,炒菜、凉拌皆可。捣烂后外敷还可以消炎消肿,并可保养皮肤。Cuban Oregano is very easy to grow, attractive and aromatic. There are numerous culinary and traditional Cuban oregano uses. Very popular among households!

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