LED Aquarium Light 水草 观赏鱼专用灯


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Model: LED Four Row Highlights Five Sets of Cylinder Dedicated Light
Aquarium: Apply for 40-50cm tanks
Voltage: AC220V,50Hz
Power: 18W/30W


~ 采用进口新一代,高光度芯片精制而成
~ 支撑杆可小幅度伸缩调节,更适合鱼缸尺寸变化
~ 光谱专业调教,接近自然光线,更适合生物生长
~ 度身定制的开关和电源驱动,低压安全,寿命更长
~ 适合植物生长,鱼更艳丽


~ Creats rays which are comfortable to the average eyesight, emitting a soft and pleasing glow to make the wate appear brighter, clean and radiant
~ Emits a balance source of heat to maintain a consistent, warm temperature throughout the aquarium
~ The LED sunlight is relible an energy efficient. Product’s service life is up to 30,000 hours
~ Notoxic materials were used in production. All materials are recyclable and eco-friendly

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Dimensions 33 × 16 × 17 cm


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