Lemon Cypress Gold Crest Pine Plant


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The lemon cypress tree, also called Goldcrest after its cultivar, is a variety of Monterey cypress. It gets its common name from the powerful strong lemon scent that its branches exude if you brush against them or crush their foliage.

Lemon cypress trees cannot survive shade, so you’ll need to plant your outdoor tree in a sunny spot. And don’t neglect irrigation, especially immediately after planting. During the tree’s first growing season, you’ll need to water twice a week. Watering is always an important part of care for lemon cypress outdoors.


Lemon Cypress Tree With Deco:

1 Lemon Cypress Tree

2M light

6 pieces hanging ball

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Lemon Cypress Gold Crest Pine, Lemon Cypress Gold Crest Pine W Deco


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