Plant Fertilizer for Leaf, Flower and Fruit

LS 43 Fruiting Plant Food
– Induces a healthy growth & well formation of fruits & seeds.
– A well balanced plant nutrients to ensure maturity growth.
– Rapid result for all kinds of fruits trees.


LS 53 Special Fertilizer For Flowering
– Special formulation to boost flowering and maintain good health of flowering plants.
– Best suited for Bouganvillea, Adenium (Desert Rose), Roses, Ixora, Hibiscus and other flowering plants.


LS 45 Quick Growing Plant Food
– Well balanced nutrients that promote quicker maturity of plants.
– Quick action that results in the uniform and vigorous development of leaves, stem and root systems.
– Recommended for the growing stage of green plants, vegetables, young fruits trees and others.


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500g LS 45, 500g LS 53, 500g LS 43


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