Plant Wound Dressi Ubat Luka Pokok 伤口膏

Wound dressings are petroleum-based products used to cover freshly cut or damaged wood. The intent is to prevent disease and decay organisms and insects from infesting the wound.

Wound Dress For All Plants
Pemyembah Luka Untuk Pokok
特效创伤复原剂 – 治疗割口和树皮
Ferti -1000: High quality petrolatum.
• Ideal dressing for panel & bank wound.
• Assists in healing of wounds & quickens the formation of new barks.
Direction: Dry the cut or wound and apply Ferti – 1000 wound dress.


Ferti-1000: Petrolatum yang berkualiti.
• Sesuai untuk mengubati luka kulit & luka tapak turisan pokok.
• Cepat menyembuhkan luka & menggalakkan tumbuhnya kulit baru.
Cara Mengguna: Keringkan luka pokok dan sapukannya dengan sebatian Ferti-1000.


法获 1000:品质优良矿脂。
• 治疗割口和树皮的创伤是为理想。
• 使伤势迅速复原,加快新树皮生长。
Nett wt. 50 gm


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Wound Dress 200g, Wound Dress 50gm


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