Rose Food 350g 玫瑰特别肥料 Organic Fertilizer

Rose Food is a completed fertilizer ideal for roses and other flowering plants. Balanced ratios of bonemeal, fishmeal, bean waste, ammonium nitrate, diammonium phosphate, potassium nitrate plus chelated trace elements of which improved the soil structure and assure rapid growth and produce quality flowers.

Simply apply 1 tablespoon for matured plant and 1 teaspoon for young seeding around the plant at 10 days interval.

Rose Food玫瑰特别肥料是一种完美的超级玫瑰肥料,除了牛骨粉、鱼粉、花生粉等有机肥外,另加水溶性的氮肥、磷肥、钾肥及微量元素。此配方能改良土壤品质,经过多次试验,在促进生长及开花率发挥超等的功能,尤其玫瑰,花色最鲜艳。




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