Vietnamese Coriander Daun Laska Daun Kesum


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1. Warranty all plants comes with life guarantee. Dead plants or badly damaged item are refundable. Please contact customer service with picture as proof WITHIN 24 hours upon receiving.

2. Shipping to East Malaysia is not covered under live warranty, seller will not refund if the plant died or damage during shipping process.


Persicaria odorata, known as rau răm or Vietnamese coriander, is a herb whose leaves are used in Southeast Asian cooking. Other names for this herb include Vietnamese mint, Vietnamese cilantro, hot mint, laksa leaf, and praew leaf.

Vietnamese coriander is not related to the mints, nor is it in the mint family Lamiaceae, but its general appearance and fragrance are reminiscent of them. Persicaria is in the family Polygonaceae, collectively known as “smartweeds” or “pinkweeds”.


Care tips

Sunlight : Direct sun recommended but partial is acceptable

water : once a day or every two days depends on soil moisture

fertilizer : Use LS Organic Green Fertilizer once a month

Soil : Well drained soil with LS Super Top Media

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Plant with Water, Plant with Soil


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