Wood Vinegar 木醋 Cuka Kayu 330ml

Advantages and Benefits of Wood Vinegar as Fertilizer:

– Improve absorption through the roots
– Stimulates plants and vegetable growth
– Strengthens roots and leaves
– Increases the quantity of useful microbes
– Increased soil microbial weight
– Used as penetrant for better uptake.:1:500 of dilution water
– Increase crop resistance to adverse condition
– Improved tree health, darker green leaves for better photosynthesis, thicker and stronger stems, higher growth rates, naturally more resistant to disease.
– Improves fruit quality and increases sugar content in fruit, and stimulate development of crops
– Improve flavor, color, firmness and preservation of fruit
– Works as flavor enhancer for agricultural end products: Mix solution rates of 1:500 to 1:1000. Wood vinegar prevents excessive nitrogen levels, improves plant metabolism and contributes to higher fruit sugar levels.
– Strengthen the photosynthesis
– Increase the content of chlorophyll of the plants
– Reduced fertilizer or other agrochemical volume used with better yields in viticulture and grain crops
– Foliar spray: Dilute one part wood vinegar with 200 parts water and spray it to leaves once a month. Dilution ratio can be change to 300 parts water for the succeeding applications. –
Allows better uptake and a reduction of up to 50% use of fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides


Advantages and Benefits of Wood Vinegar as Pesticide:

– Repel pests, prevent plant infection from fungal, bacterial and virus-like disease
– Inhibits virus and soil disease when mixed in high concentration
– Repels insects on plants (or deodorizer): Dilute one part wood vinegar with 20 parts water and spray it the plant or to the substrate in case of odor removal
– Prevents diseases caused by bacteria
– Reduce odor: A wood vinegar solution of 1:50 will diminish the production of odor-causing ammonia in animal pens.
– Repel houseflies. Dilute wood vinegar at a rate of 1:100 and apply to affected areas.
– Repel nematodes: 1:500 (apply to the base of plants)
– Corn preservative
– Control of fungal diseases: 1:50 (spray onto leaves)
– Control of root rot: 1:50 (apply to the base of plants)
– Reduce incidence of chili pepper flowers aborting: 1:100 (spray onto leaves)


Advantages and Benefits of Wood Vinegar to Enrich Soil:

– Enriches soil fertility: Dilute wood vinegar with water (1:200 ration-1 part wood vinegar and 200 part water) and sprinkle it to the soil before planting. Application is one liter solution for every square meter of planting area.
– Enrich garden soil: Use a strong solution of 1:30 to apply to the garden soil surface at a rate of 6 liters of solution per 1 m² to enrich the soil prior to planting crops. To control soil-based plant pathogens, use an even stronger rate of 1:5 to 1:10.


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